a film by Eric Steel

Director Eric Steel and his crew spent an entire year staring at the Golden Gate Bridge trying to unlock the mystery of its darkest secret: why have more people chosen to end their lives there than anywhere else in the world? Running cameras for almost every daylight minute, they documented close to two dozen suicides and many of the near fatal moments that took place. This indelible and hanging imagery is accompanied by incredibly frank, often heart-wrenching interviews with families, friends, witnesses and several of the surviving attempters. The Bridge provides a rare visual and visceral journey into one of life’s gravest taboos.

“One of the most moving and brutally honest films about suicide ever made.”

Stephen Holden, The New York Times

“Brave and unflinching, unshakeable haunting and deeply mysterious. I doubt I will forget it until the day I die.”

Jim Emerson, Chicago Sun-Times